New World Basketball Association


This is a basketball simulation website using DKS basketball game


2018-19 standings and report

2019 Draft will start in October
The 2019 version of DKS is available


Now that the NBA play-offs are over and the Draft excitement is at a high level, it is a good time to have our draft.

Here is the draft order for the regular draft:

Cincinnati Royals

LA Demons

Memphis Golden Badgers

South Ben Goldens

Cobb County Coyotes

Phoenix Sun Devils

Dallas Mavericks

Antelope Cats

Cleveland Clash

Whiskey Roy Intoxination

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Silk City Huskies

Four new teams that will draft from defunct teams rosters

Future Players Draft order:

Cobb County-Zion Williamson



Rocky Mountain

Whiskey Row




South Bend



Silk City

The NWBA is different from the ordinary basketball leagues because we use rookies from the projection file that DKS puts out at the beginning of the season to add rookies that didn't play last year in the NBA such as Zion Williamson this year. This adds some extra interest since it isn't just a replay of the previous seasons as well as speculation of future players.  The Financial System as described also adds an extra layer to managing a team's roster without the ups and downs of each player's performance instead making it more realistic to how NBA GMs do their job.

We have completed our first season with the Silk City Huskies winning the championship over the Phoenix Sun Devils.  The Huskies were led by Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and Kemba Walker.

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Calendar of Events

Expansion:  if there is enough interest we will expand by 2 teams per year with teams being able to protect 12 players from their roster and only losing 2 to the expansion teams.

The standing will consist of all 16 teams with the top 8 making the play-offs and the bottom 8 going into the lottery for the draft.


Players will keep the salary they are drafted, increased by 10% each season.  When a player is cut or drafted in expansion, his salary will go back to the salary the game assigns him for that season and increase by 10% thereafter as long as he stays on a roster, i.e. traded.

The salary cap for each team will increase by $5 millions each season.  The initial salary cap number will be determined before the first draft.

Rookies' salaries from the Projection Disk do not count against the cap until they have played a season.

The Lottery

The bottom 8 teams that don't make the play-offs will comprise the lottery.  The losses of these teams will be added.  The bottom 3 teams (or more if ties) will count 2 x their losses.  The percentage of each team will then be calculated.  Only 3 teams will "win" the lottery as the other 5 will stay in their rank.  The 3 major financial indexes will determine the 3 picks, using the 2 digits after the decimal point in DJ, S&P and Nasdaq in that order.  The date will be announced.